Eight Rings of Regretful Truth (When Nobody’s Watching)

The other night, or I should say early morning, I was sprawled out on my couch randomly surfing the web when I came across a writing contest that sparked my interest. Usually, it takes a lot for my mind to be entertained during the episodes of insomnia that I often experience, so the extent of this interest was in fact genuine. The contest was to write in 50 words or less something that the given writing prompt might inspire. The prompt read: “When nobody’s watching…” Initially, I started thinking of typical life situations that might illustrate this description such as masterbation, nose picking, things people do in the bathroom, etc… Each of those ideas bored me to tears so I wrote the following instead.                                                       Eight Rings of Regretful Truth (When Nobody’s Watching) Drunk, driven by the blue of dawn- hands shaking again His mind, a mess of colliding images- recreates memories of fallen men. And yet Sea still outstretches simultaneously with Sky competing for Sun’s affection! Bells ring eight times, below new men scurry- while he watches his brass reflection.

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