My name is Erin Murphy. I write about life. I think I might be better at living life than I am at writing about it. That’s not true, I’m being modest. I’m pretty fucking good at both. And if you aren’t already, you could be.

Now pour yourself some whiskey, light yourself a Cuban, and read some of my adventures.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to publish my book or take me out to dinner. Either works.



  • Katie O'Donnell says:


    Your words have always kept my attention. I still have the letter you wrote me about LOVE when we lived at IHOS. Keep on exploring and interacting with people. Your stories need to be told and I cannot wait to continue to read them.


    Katie OH NO O’Donnell

  • Kelly Ruland says:

    From time to time I’ve read some of your comments posted on Matthew “the Jet” Kasparian’s FB page. I am dating his father Paul who you might know from Matt’s growing up years maybe?

    Anyways, I guess your writing’s intrigued me to explore.. and whallah! Here I am..

    I’m enjoying your talent.. : )


  • Linda & Bob says:


    1st……….We miss you
    2nd……….You are a gifted writer
    3rd……….We wish you all the best in your new location and want you published NOW

    Love….Linda & Bob

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